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Shocks, Struts
& Damper

Shocks, Struts & Damper

Shock absorbers are an integral part of a vehicle’s suspension. When the vehicle is running, the wheels will continue to move up and down along with the unevenness of the road surface. These movements increase when bumps are crossed or the wheel hits potholes. A shock absorber is designed to absorb or dampen the compression and rebound of the springs and suspension, keep your tires in contact with the road at all times.QYT shock absorbers are made of high-quality materials and controlled processes, and have undergone rigorous testing to meet or exceed OE standards to ensure controllability of driving and improve ride comfort.Restore the original performance, enhance the driving pleasure

The Complete Range Of Shock & Strut Components At A Glance

    • Shock absorbers/struts & kits
    • Shock absorber assemblies/Strut assembly
    • Electromagnetic absorbers/Electronic Shocks
    • Air absorbers/Air Suspension Shock Absorber
    • Air Dampers