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The incomparable module and system solution
integrator in the global aftermarket of auto parts.

Be Satisfied With The Diversified Procurement Needs

Continuously expand our product range as a one-stop auto parts supplier, covering  bearing and hub kits, shock absorbers, struts and kits, brake hydraulics related, steering related, suspension related , rubber parts and continues to increase.

Follow consistent high quality, and provide standard products and customized products of different grades according to the needs of different markets and people.  we have also expanded external production and procurement, which can help you purchase wholesale auto parts outside the regular product line. Through integrated supply of auto parts,meets your diversified purchasing needs.

Simplify The Procurement Process

In exploring and simplifying  procurement process, we have surpassed many traditional car parts suppliers,  strive to provide  auto part supply within your reach. Through  specific measures such as one-stop service, strict quality inspection system, online wholesale of auto parts, and precise control of trade chain to enrich and strengthen our car parts supply process.

not only to handle your demand for high-quality auto parts supply, but also as your partner, solve  specific problem in the whole trade process, effectively reduce the product and time costs when you purchase.


Create value for customers, create opportunities for employees,
create benefits for shareholders, and create well-being for the society.

Auto Parts Supply Base

Auto parts supply base
For better meet the needs of global auto part wholesaler for complex
procurement, we have provided a wide and comprehensive auto part supply of
auto parts through independent production and industry integration.

Quality Policy

QYT is committed to providing excellent auto parts supply at a price lower than the customer-specified cost, and achieving your quality objectives through tailored quality control solutions for auto parts supply

For meet the complex procurement needs of local auto part suppliers around the world, we choose the combination of independent & external production.The main thing is to ensure the consistent quality standards inside and outside. The quality control department goes deep into the production facilities of ourselves and  partners, and carries out the whole process management on the production process and technical details to ensure the benchmarking  production from specification to quality.

Independent quality inspection is another key point. With professional technical knowledge, considerable production experience and detailed inspection ability in the car parts supply, our quality inspection team will consider key technical details and different product specifications, use high-precision instruments to conduct comprehensive measurement and on-site inspection,  ensure the whole process inspection from raw materials to initial samples to batch production.

All these make various auto parts supply from QYT delivered with a unified high quality.

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